Mom's Gift Set
Aloe Butter Lotion Bar
Baby Oatmeal and Milk Bath Bomb
Geranium Roller Ball Milk Supply
Moisturizing Vanilla Peppermint Soap
Rose Orange Sandalwood Sugar Scrub

Mother's Gift Set

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Great for new and seasoned moms!  All products in this set are diluted to concentrations perfect for pregnant and nursing mothers. Each set comes in a rope basket and includes a no dye soap, lightly scented sugar scrub, aloe butter lotion bar, geranium roller ball, and two milk and oatmeal baby bath bombs.


A little more about our products:

  • Our soap is lightly scented with vanilla essential oil and peppermint essential oil to give each tired mom a little pick me up in the morning. These soaps are 3oz. and also contain organic white glycerin soap base, clear glycerin soap base, and stearic acid.
  • For another mood boost, perfect for mornings after long nights, we have a great 4 oz. sugar scrub with sandalwood, orange and rose essential oils. This combination will energize you for the rest of the day, helping you conquer any challenge, while nourishing your skin. Each of the oils in this scrub are touted for their nourishing properties promoting skin elasticity and health. This scrub contains granulated pure cane sugar, non-GMO turbinado sugar, extra light olive oil, vitamin E oil, grapeseed oil, and certified organic jojoba oil.
  • Specially formulated for your skin, our aloe butter lotion bar contains a combination of aloe butter and vitamin E oil to promote skin health. This oils in combination with lavender and frankincense essential oils will help diminish stretch marks****. These bars also contain organic beeswax and organic coconut oil. 
  • Not only is this roller ball pretty to look at it, it smells great too. Geranium is one essential oil thought to help with milk production, promoting increased supply****. This scent is ok to use while breast feeding and should be applied following a nursing session once a day. Our roller ball allows for precise applications and contains light and nourishing carrier oils (coconut oil and vitamin E oil). These roller balls also include dried rose botanicals. 
  • Our mom's set wouldn't be complete without something for the baby! Our set contains two small milk and oatmeal bath bombs. These bombs contain diluted lavender essential oil to help calm baby and can be used for children 3 months and older. These bombs can be used in small baths, and can help calm irritated**** skin with its coconut oil, oatmeal and powdered milk. Ingredients for these bombs include baking soda, non-GMO citric acid, powdered milk, rolled oats, organic coconut oil, vitamin E oil, epsom salt, lavender essential oil. 



****These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and these products are not intended to treat, diagnosis or be used in replacement of medication. Always consult a physician.